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Helping organizations become quantum-ready

At Kvantify, we are strong believers in the Quantum Future and the future power of Quantum Computing. We develop novel Quantum Algorithms and perform regular performance tests of hardware platforms. We are also aware that industrial use of Quantum computing is not yet viable.

Therefore, while Quantum Computing is maturing, our solutions use Cloud HPC to deliver world-class performance, and they are quantum ready by design.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start addressing the challenges of today. Let us help you use the full force of computational power available today, while simultaneously preparing for the reality of Quantum Computing tomorrow.

Read about our solutions and services below or contact us to discuss how we can help you today.

Kvantify Products

Kvantify Drug
Discovery Platform

Specifically designed for pharma and biotech companies, our Drug Discovery Platform is an end-to-end platform covering the computational steps from target identification to production. The platform will incorporate elements from both classical and quantum computing and leverage Generative AI where relevant.

The work is supported by the European Innovation Council Accelerator grant, and our ambition with the platform is to provide significantly better calculations than what is available today along the steps in the drug discovery process, increasing the success rate for identifying and producing new drugs.

Accelerate your pipeline

Kvantify Portfolio
Optimization Platform

Our Portfolio Optimization tool is well suited for financial service institutions that have constraints on their portfolios, e.g. number of stocks is kept constant, ESG requirements.

While this quantum business product is still under development, we have already proven with our customers that we can decrease solve time significantly. Reducing solve time makes a difference when trading stocks, as you would like the latest information available to make the most educated buy/sell decisions.

Reduce solve time
Custom Quantum Solutions

Work with our team to crush your computational problem

With a wide range of knowledge and technical skills, we offer to take a focused look at your computational challenges, to explore and potentially develop the best solution possible today. We either work closely with your experts to understand the main challenges and co-create a solution, or we can take a fresh, unbiased look at your specific problem to come up with new ideas.

We are happy to either give you food for thought or develop a fully-fledged cloud HPC solution that runs today – ready for the quantum future of tomorrow.

This can include:

Algorithmic development (hybrid and quantum), tested on classical and quantum hardware
HPC-based and quantum ready customised software and tools
Customized quantum solutions
Consulting and supporting quantum compute teams
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