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Tackle your toughest problems head-on with our quantum research

Whether you are at the early stages of exploring quantum computing or have an established team in place, we can be the ideal research and development partner for you.

Identifying quantum-relevant problems

Is your challenge suited for quantum computing?

Those that involve extensive data, require exploration of numerous solutions, or benefit from rapid simulations are prime candidates. At Kvantify, we're adept at recognizing and addressing these quantum-relevant challenges together with you.

Becoming Quantum-Ready
In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, being prepared for the quantum future is not just an option but a necessity. Kvantify serves as your trusted partner in preparing your organization, by building solutions that are solving complex computational problems today, while we explore and prepare for the problems that will gain a massive advantage when quantum hardware matures.

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Finding the right fit for quantum algorithms

At Kvantify we deliver tangible business value by solving hard computational problems with an optimal combination of classical high-performance and quantum computing. Today, this optimal combination has a very small quantum component, but we expect that  sufficiently capable quantum hardware will be available in the near future - for some problems it will be optimal to move central parts of the computation to quantum hardware.

Identifying such quantum-relevant problems, which in the extreme case are impossible to solve on classical hardware, is central to reaping the value of quantum computing, and that is why we work closely with partners in life sciences and other industries to identify those impossible problems that are not being solved today. The type of subproblems that indicate that a problem may be quantum-relevant include optimization and simulation.

Chemical simulation

Molecules are quantum systems and can be modeled on quantum hardware, heralding innovations in areas from drug discovery to financial forecasting.

Example: Towards quantum advantage in computational drug discovery, chemistry, and biology with our novel FAST-VQE quantum algorithm


Quantum's strength is in discerning the optimal solution amidst a sea of possibilities.

Example: Solving demand forecasts in airline revenue management
Together with Amadeus, we have conducted research for the applications of quantum computing in the field of airline revenue management.

Understanding the quantum hardware

To be at the forefront of quantum software innovation, an intricate understanding of the hardware is necessary. We run our novel quantum algorithms on all available hardware for our solutions to be truly hardware-agnostic.

Quantum Research

Staying at the forefront
of quantum innovation

We aim to drive the field of quantum computing forward and will continue to perform foundational research to stay at the forefront of innovation. We do that in collaboration with partners and clients as well as a part of our own product development on quantum relevant problems.

Whether you are at the early stages of exploring quantum computing or have an established team in place, we can be the ideal research and development partner for your organization.

Our own novel quantum algorithm: FAST-VQE
Our focus on quantum innovation also produced the FAST-VQE algorithm, which presents itself as an exceptionally adept and practical algorithm for NISQ devices, delivering dependable performance and cost-effectiveness for electronic structure calculations of small molecules.

Learn more about FAST-VQE