Unbinding kinetics in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee

Our ground-breaking solution for unbinding kinetics enables pharma and biotech companies to iterate smarter, save time & money and derisk the drug discovery process

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A new approach to drug discovery

Key insights for better drug discovery


Iterate smarter

Simulate unbinding kinetics within minutes. You can get valuable insights  at several steps in the drug discovery process.


Save time & money

Our solution can complement time consuming and expensive laboratory experiments, supporting faster design cycles and giving you key insights for more compounds.


De-risk drug discovery

By gaining insights to a key measure such as unbinding kinetics earlier in the process, we enable you to de-risk drug discovery!

Koffee Highlights

Our revolutionary unbinding kinetics solution comes with several benefits compared to current methods


The time it takes to brew a cup of coffee

Koffee runs more than 100 times faster than current alternatives. It only takes minutes to run a simulation.


Performance experimentally validated

We have performed thorough benchmarking to demonstrate performance. Comparison to experimental unbinding rates achieved excellent agreement across a range of systems.


Applicable across targets & ligands
Wide range of targets and ligands

Koffee performs strongly across different target classes and diverse ligand chemistry. We have benchmarked across popular drug targets including kinases, GPCRs and molecular chaperones.


Our solution is quantum-ready

Koffee is based on Kvantify’s novel dynamics engine that is intrinsically ready for quantum. Classical methods provide speed; quantum methods will bring accuracy.

What you will get


Unbinding rates

Koffee predicts unbinding kinetics rates, a key metric indicating how long a drug interacts with the target


Ranking of ligands

Koffee ranks ligands according to their kinetic profile, providing rational insights into which molecules to take forward in the drug discovery process



Koffee inherently scales: large numbers of calculations can be run simultaneously to provide fast results even early in the drug design process

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Our groundbreaking unbinding kinetics solution comes with several benefits compared to current methods

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