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We solve the toughest computational challenges by leveraging the power of quantum and high-performance computing.

Quantum for businesses: Solving the most difficult computational challenges

We want to solve the world’s most difficult computational challenges, delivering tangible value for businesses and society.

Quantum computing will revolutionise many aspects of computing, and complement supercomputers and AI, in tackling the most valuable business problems in the world. In the near-term, quantum computers will bring value in use cases where precision can make a difference.

Working closely with leading companies, we are developing software that addresses the most difficult computational challenges while focusing on areas where we first expect quantum computing to bring value, such as chemistry simulation and drug discovery where precision is of essence.

We can help your business harness the full potential of quantum and classical computing, by delivering value to your business today.

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Our approach

The road to useful quantum computing includes both classical and quantum computing

We believe that the best solutions in the future is a mix of classical and quantum algorithms, which means we need to work on both.

Quantum computing will bring a new technological era, that requires many organizations to start from the beginning – building knowledge & competencies, identifying relevant use cases, creating POCs, getting hands-on experience with quantum algorithms, on real quantum hardware and so on.

On the classical side, organizations need to re-think and re-engineer their classical algorithms for the best integration with quantum algorithms.

That is why we always start from the business challenge at hand and find the best solution to re-think the classical approach, while preparing for the future integration with quantum algorithms.

We are also pioneering quantum R&D and we test our algorithms on all available hardware. We have a patented quantum algorithm for chemistry use cases, called FAST-VQE, and we work with customers on tailor-made algorithms for their specific use cases.

Our offer

Take the next leap in quantum computing with our software and services

Our Solutions

Accelerating drug discovery

We develop cutting-edge tools, building an end-to-end platform for drug discovery, and we offer collaborative drug discovery services that leverage our proprietary tools as well as other state-of-the-art methods

Preparing for the future of quantum computing 

We help companies become quantum-ready through several offerings. Building tailor-made, quantum-ready, and cloud-based solutions to solve unique business challenges or help companies get started with our quantum readiness journey, quantum POCs and quantum chemistry services.

Introducing: Kvantify koffee

Our ground-breaking solution for unbinding kinetics enables pharma and biotech companies to iterate smarter, save time & money and derisk the drug discovery process

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Our team

Flexibility and Innovation

We aim to cultivate a dynamic and flexible working environment that actively encourages initiative, learning and testing new ideas.

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Our core strengths


We use cutting-edge algorithms when designing our solutions, and based on the latest academic research our team pushes performance even further.

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Experience unprecedented computing power at the click of a button – all of our solutions are Cloud-based, and leverage HPC infrastructure to deliver supercomputing-as-a-service when you need it.

Democratizing access

Our algorithms are prepared for Quantum Computing, and our APIs will remain the same. No need to worry about Quantum platforms or hardware performance.

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Engaging with us

”At Kvantify, your journey with us begins with you. We focus on understanding how you create value, then generate ideas tailored to your business. Whether the best fit for you starts with one of our Products, or begins in a more tailor-made approach, we quantify the potential of these ideas, and determine if they will evolve into quantum-relevant problems in the foreseeable future.”
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