Welcome Ulrich - New Quantum Engagement Specialist

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We’re excited to announce that as of October 1st, one of Denmark’s leading voices on Quantum Computing – Ulrich Hoff – is joining Kvantify as our new Quantum Engagement Specialist! Following 12 years at the Technical University of Denmark, he brings with him not only unparalleled scientific knowledge but also a unique flair for making quantum physics understandable by blending art and science, along with a dedication to expanding the quantum ecosystem in Denmark and Europe.

Ulrich’s rich background and commitment to making quantum technology more accessible perfectly align with our mission to bridge the gap between quantum theory and the business world, enabling organizations to solve complex and tough problems in unprecedented ways.

We already have a close collaboration with Ulrich from various projects, his role in co-founding the Danish Quantum Community as well as initiatives with the Danish authorities. All together this makes him an invaluable asset to our already strong team of experts.

You can read more about Ulrich’s exciting work by looking up his name along with “Graphic novels” or “Childrens books” which he has published besides all his great academic work.

Fun fact: The publications includes a series about a kid and his dad “Finn Foton” (Finn Photon). The physicist likes the one about “Finn Foton and The Quantum Physics”.

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