Welcome Christina - Our new Head of Products & Strategy

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We’re on a roll – adding more people to the Kvantify family!

As of September 1, Christina Krogsgård Nielsen has joined us as Head of Products & Strategy. She has two key roles: Firstly, she will help us connect the dots and create an even stronger strategy as we expand our business – things are moving fast these days! Secondly, she will ensure that we develop our products with the end user in mind.

We asked Christina for a less biased view of Kvantify within her first two weeks, and this is what she mentioned:

Key strengths of Kvantify:

  • Our People: The team is driven by their values around honesty and realism, a desire to learn, and a passion for solving the hardest problems using quantum computing and high-performance computing (HPC).
  • Our Skill Set: A fusion of deep knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science mixed with a strategic mindset.
  • Our Unique Approach: We lay the groundwork for future use of quantum computing while we create business value today using HPC.

Areas of growth for Kvantify:

  • Structure: As things move fast and we continue to grow, we need to be more mindful about our internal roles and structure, and we also have to become more clear in the way we work together to ensure people will continuously think Kvantify is the best place to work.
  • Quantum Readiness: It is high on our agenda to demystify quantum computing for enterprises and explore what we can do with the technology – there’s a lot of hype out there.

With Christina on board, we’re excited to integrate her fresh views, as we prepare for further growth and introspection at Kvantify. Welcome again, Christina!

Christina’s background includes:

  • McKinsey for almost 7 years (2016-2023)
  • Has developed strategies (corporate strategies, business unit strategies, tech strategies) across industries
  • Early years: “Consultancy toolbox” with key elements around structure and problem solving
  • Later years: Team and project leader with experience in delivering impact, ensuring a good process, creating a good environment for the daily team, responsible for main client interactions
  • PhD in nanoscience from iNANO Aarhus University (finished 2016)
  • Nanoparticles with essential oil compound for food preservation
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