Project: “Photonic Quantum Computing” or simply “PhotoQ”

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Kvantify is proud to be part of a very significant project in the Photonic Quantum Computer field.

➡️ The Danish Technical University (DTU) has partnered with key industry companies to initiate and promote the formation of a Danish quantum computing supply chain and drive efforts towards a fully scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computer.

Providing our expertise as a quantum software company, Kvantify is developing solutions for transferring real-world logistics and molecular dynamics problems onto the PhotoQ platform, while also supporting the project in the theoretical description of the hardware.

Use case 1 – Logistics:
The DTU device offers tantalizing access to the global optima of complex problems. Kvantify is harnessing this power to provide exponential speedup in network optimization problems, with a wide range of applications in logistics and big data analysis.

Use case 2 – Molecular Dynamics:
A promising application of quantum computers is simulating quantum mechanics. Kvantify is developing methods to explore the dynamics of molecules on the DTU device, which could significantly boost drug discovery and quantum chemistry.

You can read further about the project in this recent article in the Danish newspaper Børsen and stay tuned to our LinkedIn profile for news about the project.

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