Partnership with King’s College London, Department of Chemistry

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Kvantify and King’s College London’s Department of Chemistry announce collaboration to explore applications of quantum computing in neuroscience drug discovery

King’s College London, a leading British university, and pioneering Danish quantum computing software company Kvantify, are proud to unveil their strategic partnership. Together, they will explore novel methods to integrate classical and quantum computing tools in drug discovery for neurological conditions.

This collaboration will capitalise on the unique strengths of both organisations while fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and driving innovation as part of a major investment in the natural sciences at King’s. As part of this landmark initiative, three Kvantify experts will assume visiting positions at the Department of Chemistry at King’s College London. They will work with faculty members and students to aid the understanding and adoption of cutting-edge quantum computing technologies into ongoing research endeavours taking place across the university. In addition, Kvantify will tap into King’s talent pool, supporting a PhD and offering internships for promising students.

Professor Martin Ulmschneider, Head of Department of Chemistry at King’s College London, shared his excitement: “We are delighted to join forces with Kvantify, a trailblazer in quantum computing software. This partnership promises to unlock new frontiers in chemistry and drug discovery, offering great learning opportunities for our students and faculty while collaborating with the industry pioneers.

The collaboration represents a potent synergy, uniting Kvantify’s quantum computing expertise with King’s College London’s world-leading knowledge in chemistry. Both entities share a common vision: leveraging the potential of quantum computing to expedite the development of novel medications for challenging diseases.

Nils Anton Berglund, Head of Strategic Alliances at Kvantify, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to partner with King’s College London, an institution renowned for its academic excellence. Through this collaboration we get access to the world-class talent and cutting-edge research facilities at King’s, whilst we get the privilege to engage with their leading academics and aid them in the adoption of quantum technologies to ensure the department becomes a key player in the field.”

This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the journey toward unlocking the extraordinary potential of quantum computing for the betterment of science and society. Stay tuned for ground-breaking discoveries and innovations emerging from this alliance.

Notably, this collaboration comes shortly after Kvantify’s expansion to the UK, with the opening of their new London office in September and the addition of four new team members in the UK.

The Department of Chemistry at King’s College London is one of the oldest in UK. Founded in 1829 the department draws on a history of nearly two-hundred years of distinguished chemists including Rosalind Franklin, Maurice Wilkins and John Frederic Daniell.

Known for its work on the chemistry of life, the department has a growing expertise in chemical biotechnology, green chemistry and computational approaches to chemistry, with 98 % of research assessed as internationally excellent by The Times Higher Education Research Excellence Framework 2021. The department is also a founding member of the Frances Crick Institute, the UK flagship for biomedical research. 

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