Kvantify x TDC NET partnership

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Next Tech wave in the making:

Quantum company lands Denmark’s largest agreement within quantum technology with a large digital infrastructure company

The Danish startup, Kvantify, which builds solutions and software using quantum and supercomputers, has just secured Denmark’s first quantum-tech commercial agreement of significant scale in the country’s history. Their partner is Denmark’s largest digital infrastructure company, TDC NET.

While the world is still adapting to artificial intelligence, the next groundbreaking technological tool is already in motion. Quantum computers represent the future of computing power, poised to change the way we understand and interact with the world around us. Leading Kvantify is co-founder and CEO Hans Henrik Knudsen, who states: “This is a huge step, not only for Kvantify and TDC NET, but for the entire world’s understanding of the potential of quantum technology. With quantum computer technology, we can plan to solve extremely complex problems in an unprecedented way. TDC NET’s decision to pioneer alongside us underlines the future possibilities of this technology. TDC NET’s own physicists have pointed to us because they can see that the time is now ripe for a range of cases, including optimizing the placement of network masts. This agreement also demonstrates that the market is ready for quantum technology, both for institutional Denmark and the business sector.

A wave that comes rolling

The technology behind quantum computers is no longer a distant vision of the future, but a reality which can now, amidst other matters, predict how we should react as society develops. TDC NET, which has specialized for decades in maintaining and expanding infrastructure, including network masts among many others, is now entering the world of quantum mechanics. This move will provide them with a new perspective on the installation, demolition, and placement of their network masts, potentially revolutionizing their strategic planning.

“We always strive to be at the forefront of the latest technological solutions to continue offering the best network in Denmark. Being technology- and data-driven is a vital part of our strategy to provide the best customer experience. Quantum optimization and the use of quantum computers to solve advanced mathematical problems in conjunction with the use of artificial intelligence are crucial components of how we want to manage our network. With Kvantify and the expertise they bring in super- and quantum computer algorithms, we can build a solution that ensures we stay ahead in expanding and strengthening our network to meet consumer needs and societal developments,” says Astrid Kyhl, Senior Director for Advanced Analytics at TDC NET.

The project was initiated in early September and the first phase will run for six months.

About Kvantify

  • Founded in 2022 by Hans Henrik Knudsen, Nikolaj Zinner, and Allan Grønlund
  • The team consists of more than 50 experts in quantum computing, supercomputing, cloud software, mathematics, chemistry, AI, and machine learning.
  • The staff includes over 30 individuals with a Ph.D. and 7 professors.
  • Kvantify helps companies with quantum and supercomputing software to solve the world’s most complex and challenging calculations.

For more information on our quantum-ready solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out at contact@kvantify.dk

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