Kvantify Ltd. opens in London

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Kvantify has announced its ambitious expansion to London, UK. The move comes as part of Kvantify’s broader strategy to solidify its position in the European market and bolster its international presence.

The decision to expand into London, one of the world’s foremost technology and financial centers, marks a significant milestone in Kvantify’s journey. The move is driven by a desire to tap into new opportunities, engage with a broader client base, and foster collaboration with like-minded tech professionals in the United Kingdom.

Hans Henrik Knudsen, co-founder and CEO, states: “We believe that London offers an ideal ecosystem for our software solutions to flourish. The city’s vibrant tech community and access to top talent align perfectly with our growth objectives. We have established ourselves as a serious player on the Danish market, and we are now ready to solidify our position in the European market.”

A hub for quantum-enabled Life Science and collaboration
The London office will serve as a hub for Kvantify’s work on quantum-enabled Life Science & Pharmaceuticals, and the first four British employees also come with substantial experience in AI-enabled drug discovery and scientific expertise with clinical-stage biotechnology

The newly appointed Head of Drug Discovery Michael Carter states: “Our approach is not just about physical expansion but also about becoming a valuable part of London’s tech landscape. We will team up with local universities and institutions, and in collaboration with our partners push the boundaries of computational drug discovery.”

The London office is officially open, and new partnerships are already forming. For media inquires or partnership discussions, please contact:

Co-Founder & CEO
Hans Henrik H. Knudsen


Head of Drug Discovery  
Michael Carter

Kvantify was founded in 2022 and is a Danish quantum start-up with a team of 50+ highly skilled employees, selling SaaS solutions based on Cloud-native, Quantum & High-Performance Computing and working towards Quantum Advantage for real business use cases.

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