Kvantify is featured on the cover of Annalen der Physik

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In their December edition, the prestigious scientific journal, Annalen der Physik, features an article published by Kvantify on the cover page.

In the article, the authors explore the effect of parameterized two-qubit gates in the variational quantum eigensolver, a hybrid quantum-classical algorithm expected to be important for near-term quantum devices, and may bring us closer to the point of useful chemistry simulations on quantum hardware.

Stig Elkjær Rasmussen, one of the co-authors explains the findings in short:

“We simulate a variational quantum eigensolver algorithm using fixed and parameterized two-qubit gates in the circuit ansatz and show that the parameterized versions outperform the fixed versions, both when it comes to best energy and reducing outliers, for a range of Hamiltonians with applications in quantum chemistry and materials science.”

The results are an important step towards near term quantum computing was achieved in collaboration between Aarhus University and Kvantify.

Congratulations to our colleagues Stig Elkjær Rasmussen and Nikolaj Thomas Zinner!

Find the full article here.

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