Kvantify closes a 40 million DKK funding round to boost product development

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**** Announcing 40M DKK in additional funding, including the EIC Accelerator grant and our Friends & Family round led by Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund (EIFO) bringing the total funding up to 70M DKK ****

Founders and employees alike are invigorated by the extra resources allowing us to accelerate our revolutionizing services for the Pharmaceuticals and Finance sectors. We are strong believers in the future power of quantum computing and are developing software solutions which run on high-performance computers today and are prepared for the quantum computers of tomorrow.

Is the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) related to Kvantify?

Well, now they are, as Kvantify, the leading Nordic quantum & high-performance computing technology firm has successfully secured an additional 40 Mio. DKK in funding, including a 20m Family & Friends funding round lead by EIFO.

“Kvantify has great potential of becoming the market leader within their field. Their technology enables especially the finance- and pharmaceutical industries to significantly enhance competitiveness through quantum computing. In Denmark’s Export- and Investment Fund we want to drive innovation and the digitalization of our society and therefore we are delighted to support Kvantify.,” says Christian Winther, Investment Partner in EIFO

We are happy to have EIFO join our investor family and are proud to have their trust and support. The round also includes investments from friends and family, as well as the acclaimed EIC accelerator grant announced earlier this year. Our investors’ belief in the company further validates our efforts in the quantum technology race. Their support will allow us to strengthen our position as leaders in Northern Europe and enable us to speed up development of our drug discovery platform.

International eyes on Denmark
“With the European Innovation Council Accelerator grant, we at Kvantify are validated in our view that we have the opportunity to develop truly revolutionizing technology.  Our team and solutions are among the best in the world in our field, and we are in preparation to announce great discoveries this year.” says Hans Henrik H. Knudsen, CEO and Co-founder of Kvantify. The team have grown months by month since we started in February 2022, and we are still looking to add more great talents during 2023.

Kvantify today
At Kvantify our ambition is to help companies unleash the massive value created by using modern computational tools on their toughest problems without the need for investments into a highly specialized team of their own. We already offer specific solutions within the finance and pharmaceutical industries and have the team and capabilities to lift any computational challenge. We are confident that our technology will have a significant impact on the verticals we operate within.

If you want to learn more about our company or explore partnership opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As we move forward, we invite quantum-curious business managers to learn more about our SaaS solutions, the technology, and its potential applications.

Thanks again to our new and existing investors for their support and trust in us. We look forward to continuing our journey toward a quantum-driven future for crushing the world’s most valuable business problems.

Kvantify was founded in 2022 and is a Danish quantum start-up with a team of 40+ highly skilled employees, selling SaaS solutions based on Cloud-native, Quantum & High-Performance Computing and working towards Quantum Advantage for real business use cases.

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