Kvantify launches first product to revolutionize drug discovery.

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Copenhagen, Denmark – In a ground-breaking advancement for computational drug discovery, Danish quantum company Kvantify is proud to announce the launch of its first products, Kvantify koffee, today. This innovative product aims to complement and reduce costly and time-consuming laboratory experiments by calculating acritical parameter in screening and selecting new drug candidates: Unbinding Kinetics. Kvantify koffee adds value using classical computers today and is poised to offer even greater value as quantum computer hardware matures.


With a vision to create value for both the business world and society by solving the world's most complex computational challenges, Kvantify has specialised in optimisation and simulation across multiple industries. This includes the pharmaceutical industry, financial services, logistics, and telecommunications. Now, they are launching their first commercial product, Kvantify koffee, aimed at the discovery of new medications:

"Today,is a significant day for Kvantify. We view ourselves as problem-solvers, aiming to create ground-breaking tools that deliver value to businesses right now. Kvantify koffee fits well within that mission. Our new product is pioneering as there is no commercial alternative available, and it can add value today through our classical computer algorithms and is prepared to deliver additional value as quantum computer hardware matures," says Hans Henrik Knudsen, CEO and Co-founder of Kvantify.


A unique opportunity for the industry

Kvantify koffee is the first commercial product designed to simulate unbinding kinetics, enabling faster and more accurate screening processes forfinding new medications than before. The calculations for one molecule take minutes—the time it takes to make a cup of coffee—thus, the product can also save time and money for the pharmaceutical industry and help make new medications available faster.

"With Kvantify koffee, we can significantly reduce the risk in the development of new medication by providing insights about a critical parameter earlier in the process. Currently, unbinding kinetics are typically calculated through laboratory experiments, which are expensive and time-consuming, or this crucial parameter is not used at all. Our long-term vision is to reduce the time from Hit-ID to lead optimization by 75% and to increase the success rates, which are currently very low. Kvantify koffee is an important step towards this vision," says Christina Krogsgård Nielsen, Head of Products & Strategy at Kvantify.

Kvantify has previously introduced their quantum algorithm FAST-VQE, particularly used within quantum chemistry, where the algorithm shows high precision with fewer resources than previous quantum algorithms such as ADAPT-VQE. Thus, FAST-VQE is an important contribution to the application of quantum computers for practical purposes.

For more information on our quantum-ready solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out at contact@kvantify.dk


About Kvantify

Kvantify is a leading quantum company from Denmark providing software solutions that tackle the world's most complex computational challenges in areas including the pharmaceutical industry, financial services, logistics, and telecommunications.

Established in 2022 by Hans Henrik Knudsen, Nikolaj Zinner, and Allan Grønlund, the company today comprises more than 65 experts(over 35 of whom hold PhDs) in quantum computing, supercomputing, cloud software, mathematics, chemistry, AI, and machine learning. The experts are spread across offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and London and are looking towards expanding to the United States of America in 2024.

On top of their quantum- and high-performance computing product development, Kvantify is involved in a range of scientific quantum research projects and are pushing the limits of what is doable with quantum computing, not least as a key collaboration partner with Amazon Web Services on the Braket platform.

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