FAST-VQE - Hardware validation results

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Update: You can see our latest hardware test results here.

We are very excited to give you a ‘sneak peek’ into our pioneering quantum hardware tests, conducted in collaboration with the outstanding team at Amazon Braket.

The tests unveil the remarkable capabilities of Kvantify‘s FAST-VQE algorithm. We have achieved something remarkable – By using a Rigetti quantum computer through Amazon Braket, our H_4 results show that we can find wave functions that transcend chemical precision by orders of magnitude, vastly outperforming a comparable ADAPT-VQE in noiseless simulation. Our achievement does not falter, even amidst noise and with modest gate counts.

Here’s the essence: FAST-VQE unlocks the true power of quantum computers by precisely choosing the optimal components of the quantum state, essentially shattering the precision barrier! Our results provide a significant leap forward in applying quantum computing to quantum chemistry and bring us closer to realizing the full computational potential of quantum computers.

Read the full pre-print here.

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